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Who Is Dr Eldridge?

Gary grew up in a small township called Wannon, in Western Victoria.

He is the oldest of three brothers. His family lived happily in a humble, cement sheeting house on a very small farm at the end of dirt road. His parents worked very hard to breed a few sheep and grow a few vegetables to put on the table.

His dad was super intelligent. He had a brilliant mind and an amazing memory despite almost no education. But for financial reasons, as was common in those times, Gary's Dad, was taken out of school early. In fact, in 17 generations of the Eldridge family, nobody went past year nine in school.


But Gary's dream was to one day go to university.

But he knew that if things were going to be different for him, he would have to do something drastically different.

He believed if he could just stay in school for a bit longer his life would be different. He grew up in Wannon dreaming to one day get out of Wannon.

Gary’s parents knew this and they totally supported his dream. His mum got a job to help support the family and Gary continued through to year 12.

But Gary's youngest brother became very sick. Rodney developed a tumour behind his left eye and later developed more tumours in his brain. Sadly, these tumours cost Rodney his sight and caused significant deformity and disability, robbing him of any chance to live a normal life.

Treated by the best surgeons in Sydney, Gary felt totally inspired by the amazing job done by the doctors had done caring for his brother. It was then Gary decided to become a doctor.

After his Year 12 final exams, he remembers the day the universities mailed out their offers. It was a 20 km drive into Hamilton, to the nearest post office, where they would collect the mail.

There was a special letter waiting for him.

Excited, Gary tore open the envelope.

Standing before his parents, he read out his invitation.... It was from Monash Medical School.


Dr. Eldridge graduated from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia with the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

He underwent Surgical Training at the Alfred Hospital including specialty training in Orthopaedic surgery, Plastics and Reconstructive surgery, Facio-maxillary surgery, Neurosurgery,Heart-Lung Transplant surgery, Urology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Trauma and General surgery and Ear, Nose and Throat surgery.

He has also undergone specialist training in Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, Shanghai, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles.... and Boise in rural Idaho.

He is the father of three (that he knows of) beautiful and amazingly gifted young children. When not attending to their social schedule, or his own, he may be found racing in his Formula racing car or practicing aerobatics.

He is constantly meeting and working with colleagues around the world innovating new, better and safer ways to ways to find help for his patients.

He can be found exclusively at his surgery in Brighton East, in the Melbourne's bayside area.

He is available in LIMITED hours/days for consultation for suitable clients…

because his main focus are his three beautiful, happy and fun children - Alice, Ben and Joseph.

Bayside Swan Skin Clinic
2/199 North Rd
Gardenvale, Victoria, 3185