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“How Important Is Safety To YOU?”

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Glabellar necrosis - death of the skin and soft tissues between your eyebrows - can be EASILY caused by accidental injection into, or even nearby, your supratrochlear artery in your forehead.

When you call a cosmetic clinic always insist on being treated by a doctor or surgeon because
only doctors and surgeons
study the exact position of this blood vessel because only doctors and surgeons:
perform anatomy dissection in university medical school; and
2/ repeatedly
perform surgery in operating rooms.

Do YOU want someone who is not a doctor or surgeon injecting YOUR face? Do YOU want someone who has only memorised some anatomy from a textbook, sticking needles anti wrinkle injections into YOUR Face?

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“Do YOU Want to
Avoid Alar Necrosis?”

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Alar necrosis (Gangrene / death of cartilage and skin of your nose and cheek)

The lower part of your nose and the inner cheek is supplied by ONE artery. Your angular branch of your facial artery runs along your the fold in your cheek.

Only doctors are:
- trained by doing anatomy dissection; AND
- are legally qualified to prescribe AND use anti wrinkle injections.

In general, complications from these common cosmetic procedures are rare, but cases of blindness, stroke and even death highlight the need to make sure you find a cosmetic doctor who is trained in surgical anatomy - not just how to inject cosmetic injections.

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“Can Low-Qualified ‘Injectors’ Blind YOU?”

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For the same reasons, ‘blind’ injectors - i.e. people who want to inject you, but whom have never actually seen the arteries, veins and nerves in a real, live person, i.e people who have only ‘learned’ some anatomy from a textbook, can cause you to lose your sight.
Both accidental injection of cosmetic injections into - or sometimes just nearby or around - your blood vessels in your cheek or around your eyes or forehead can damage your retina and cause blindness.
Because of the intricate web of arteries and vessels around your eye, any injection done by an injector who is not expert in anatomy exposes you to risk of material entering your eye artery. The damage to you eye is devastating and irreversible.

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Case 1.
Sadly, a woman in her mid-40s received anti wrinkle injections to remove her forehead creases. After the injection was complete, she opened her eyes and could not see with her right eye, according to the report published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.
Case 2.
Tragically, a man in his 30s, lost part of his vision in his left eye, following a cosmetic injection. Doctors, who later were asked to help, found that the blood supply to parts of the man's retina had been blocked.
Case 3.
Similarly, a healthy woman in her 60s experienced severe loss of vision after receiving cosmetic injections around her hairline, researchers said.

“How Can YOU
AVOID a Paralysed Eyelid?”

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Eyelid Ptosis - weakening or paralysis of your eyelid can be caused by two INCREASINGLY common problems:
1/ watered-down neurotoxin; and/or
2/ accidental injection by someone who has no real training in anatomy / surgery,

because the tiny muscles which lift your eyelid are highly vulnerable.

“Don’t Let This Happen To YOU!”
Damage to lip (labial) artery causes death of lip.
This must be surgically removed.

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Gangrene - death of tissue - can be caused by accidental damage to your labial artery which supplies the soft tissues in your lip.

Before you make any appointment ALWAYS
ask who is doing the injecting; and
ask if they learned anatomy by dissection in medical school (NOT just from a textbook). i.e. are they a doctor or a surgeon. If not, hang up the phone.

“Can YOU
Imagine Living with DOUBLE Vision?”

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Poor understanding of the nerves and muscles around your eyes and/or using diluted neurotoxin can result in paralysis of some of the muscles which control your eyes.

Always DEMAND to see the bottle and
demand YOUR copy of the
SIGNED prescription for EVERY cosmetic injection BEFORE you consent to your cosmetic injections.

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