Now Closed

I am grateful and truly honoured to have helped so many people live happier, fuller lives.

I feel eternally grateful to all my trainers, especially (but not limited to):
- the late Professor Don Esmore AO, whom also was challenged too young by bone marrow cancer, who pioneered heart-lung transplant in Australia, who lead by inspirational example. He was always infectiously enthusiastic, heroically drawing from within himself the energy and passion to save the next patient and to teach - no matter what time of day or night or how many we’d already done today;

- Mr John Anstee, head of Plastic Surgery at the Alfred, who taught me the importance of precision and attention to fine detail and to never accept crap from bureaucrats, to do only what is best for patients, regardless of administrators and their statistics - and always in a firm but fun and humourous way;

- to Mr Kevin Siu and Mr John Laidlaw - neurosurgeons - who lead by teaching absolute perfection, and to be completely intolerant of anyone or any idea that dared to even look like standing in the way of getting immediate, best care for the patient - no prisoners would be taken, no excuse acceptable;

and lastly, to the small number of honest, worthy and reliable staff whom I could always count on, even in the most life-threatening and challenging times, to do the right thing, to the best of their abilities and to help me help you, to make these clinics the most successful of all, right up to the last day, without whom none of this would have been possible. You know who you are.

Gary Eldridge

Dr Gary Eldridge